Tragam a Sobremesa!

In English: "Bring out the dessert!"
The content of the main show page is updated just before or right after the episode has been broadcasted. Then, all shows will be available for you in that page to listen and download. Enjoy!

Short description of the idea

"Tragam a sobremesa!", It only takes one weekly hour of broadcast, but it certainly was one of the most complex, interesting and time consuming projects I've ever been involved with. The show is produced in my home studio, using a computer, sound editing software, a multitrack recorder, a mixing board with effects processor and various microphones. Rather simple technology really, but fairly enough to bring all environments and characters to life, although all voices inhabit the same body.

Perhaps i should have thought of a better name for the show, or even for the imaginary station where everything takes place, but i'm not good with those. Very seldom i like the names i choose.

Along with the main presenter and owner of the station, the folowing characters are almost in every show:

There are many other storys and characters, that varie along with the episodes.

Vitor Ferreira